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Are you looking to host a team-building activity for your Salt Lake City, Utah, business? The best choice is MiniMoto mini bike racing at the Utah Motorsports Campus. We can teach you how to ride in 5 minutes! Watch our tutorial on TikTok @minimotollc11

Team building is all the rage these days. Planning corporate events for your employees outside of work helps foster a feeling of closeness and trust among your staff. But to get the result you want, you have to do more than plan an office party at the local pub. You have to choose memorable team-building exercises.

mini moto's mini bikes in salt lake city

Team Building Activities for Work

Many ideas for team bonding activities in and around Salt Lake City incorporate an adventurous element, such as ropes courses or rock climbing. The problem with these, however, is that many people are not in shape to enjoy them properly. This just ends up alienating half your team, making them feel bad about themselves. Just when you’re trying to unite your team, you end up dividing them.

But anyone can participate in a fun team building activity like mini bike riding. We have no height or weight restrictions, and there is no maximum age limit. That’s why when you consider your options for activities for adults, mini bike racing is such a perfect choice. It’s loads of fun, and everyone can do it.

Supermoto Bike Racing is Open to Everyone

The MiniMoto track allows experienced, thrill-seeking riders to rev up their engines and blow around the track at top speed while allowing novices the space they need to take their time and proceed at a slower pace.

We even offer coaching services here at MiniMoto, because we want everyone to feel confident on their mini bike ride. We teach you safety skills, how to operate the mini bike, how to turn, and more.

But our coaching isn’t just for beginners. Anyone can benefit from a lesson with one of our experts. There’s always something new to learn about handling a mini bike, from leaning into turns to adjusting the speed on curves and more.

bike racing in salt lake city

Mini Bike Racing for Salt Lake City Corporate Events

When you’re thinking about having your corporate event here at MiniMoto, remember that not every staff party will be focused on team building. You may want to celebrate one of your cherished employees’ milestones with the company, or their retirement. Some companies love to host their summer picnics here. Or, you may want to treat your staff to a fun celebration for Labor Day, Memorial Day or another holiday.

Whenever you’re looking for corporate event ideas, whether for team bonding or just a fun corporate activity, MiniMoto is the perfect choice. Contact the professionals here at MiniMoto for more information about having your corporate team building activity at our supermoto bike racing track.

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