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True Utahns have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. While some people are OK marking important occasions such as birthdays with barbecues or other mundane pursuits, those who crave excitement turn to MiniMoto mini bike racing for their celebratory group activities for adults.

Here at MiniMoto, we host a wide variety of groups from Salt Lake City and other cities and towns in northern Utah in search of fun activities for adults outside the norm. Supermoto bike racing is great for date night or friend groups and families in search of a different way to spend a Saturday, but it’s also perfect for parties and events.

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Moto Mini Racing Salt Lake City Birthday Party

One of our most popular events is hosting birthday parties.

Adults miss the fun they used to have at birthday parties when they were kids, with clowns, moonbounces, and piñatas. They still want to celebrate exciting milestones, but they want activities for adults — like Supermoto bike racing!

Mini bike racing is the perfect fun group activity because it’s full of thrilling adventure, but it has none of the danger that can come with riding traditional, full-sized motorcycles. Mark your milestone birthday at MiniMoto or throw an exciting surprise party for a friend or relative.

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Mini Bike Racing for Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Got a bachelor or bachelorette party planned? Forget ax throwing — you can do that anywhere! Bring your group out to MiniMoto for a party your guests will never forget! We help you plan your fun group activity down to the last detail, checking every guest’s comfort level with mini bike riding and providing coaching when necessary.

Don’t be surprised if, once your guests get a taste for mini bike racing, they become converts and host their own mini bike racing event — that you will be invited to!

Supermoto for Family Reunions

Minimoto is also the perfect fun group activity for family reunions because even kids as young as 12 years old can ride. Our mini bikes are sturdy and strong, so you can feel safe putting a novice or a youngster on one and letting them have the time of their lives. We have electric bikes for kids under 11 to ride for free. 

At the same time, they are lightweight, so tips and spills don’t result in injuries. You’ll feel safe with everyone from Grandma on down to Junior speeding around the track on their own Supermoto bike. You could even host your child’s birthday party at MiniMoto. All we need are the properly signed waivers.

The Best Group Activity for Adults

Book your event at MiniMoto and get the whole track reserved just for your group. Add your own GoPro onto one or more helmets to preserve the memories from your special party forever.

Whether you live in Sandy, Salt Lake City or another northern Utah location, MiniMoto is close to you. When you are looking for event ideas, remember MiniMoto Supermoto.

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